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Default Corey Davis Titans Jersey

WINDHOEK, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Growth in Namibia is expected to temporarily slow down in 2016 to 2.5 percent, compared to 5.3 in 2015, as the government starts consolidating and construction activity slows down, according to findings released here Wednesday from the International Monetary Fund team.

The IMF team led by Geremia Polomba was in Namibia on Sept. 8-21, conducting the 2016 Article IV Consultation discussions.

"Risks to this outlook are tilted to the downside and include volatile SACU (Southern African Customs Union) revenue, further commodity price declines and possible sovereign debt credit downgrades," Poloma said in a statement.

According to him, Namibia's key challenges going forward are to preserve macroeconomic stability, and make inroads in reducing high unemployment and income inequality.

"The government and the Bank of Namibia have already taken steps to counter declining SACU revenue and rising inflation, however fiscal and external vulnerabilities are rising and additional actions are required," he said.

Palomba said the performance is expected to accelerate to above 5 percent in 2017 and 2018 as production from new mines ramp up.

Furthermore, Polomba welcomed the Namibian authorities commitment to undertake additional actions to preserve debt sustainability while containing the impact on growth in the context of the upcoming Mid-Year Budget Review Policy Statement.

Meanwhile, he said the financial sector remains sound and the authorities are taking steps to curb possible risks and advance key financial sector reforms.

Polomba said in terms of various fronts to tackle high employment among youth, a well-focused package of structural reforms to address the lack of skilled workers and to simplify business regulations has the potential to boost employment. Enditem

NANCHANG Austin Johnson Titans Jersey , Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- Two chariots equipped with musical instruments have been found in a well-preserved cemetery in east China's Jiangxi Province, giving valuable clues to the travel rituals of nobles 2,000 years ago.

Archaeologists discovered two chariot models -- one equipped with "chunyu", a kind of bronze bell Kevin Dodd Titans Jersey , four bronze cymbals and drums -- in the corridor of the main tomb of "Haihunhou" (Marquis of Haihun) dating back to the Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- 25 A.D.).

"This discovery seems to indicate the musical chariots were driven in front of noblemen when they travelled," said Xin Lixiang of the China National Museum, who heads the team at the site in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi.

According to Xin Luke Falk Titans Jersey , in ancient military custom beating drums meant advancing while bronze instruments meant withdrawal.

"We first discovered the chariot with chunyu and cymbals and later found drum pieces in the silt nearby," said Liu Jun, an archaeologist.

He said the two chariots will be restored to their original condition.

The Haihunhou cemetery covers some 40,000 square meters with eight tombs and a chariot burial site with walls that stretch for almost 900 meters.

Archeologists suspect that the main tomb is that of Liu He Kevin Byard Titans Jersey , grandson of Emperor Wu, the greatest ruler of Han Dynasty, one of the most prosperous periods in China's history. Liu was given the title "Haihunhou" after he was deposed as emperor after only 27 days, dethroned by the royal clan because of his lack of talent and morals. Haihun is the ancient name of a very small kingdom in the north of Jiangxi.

The team have found five well-preserved horse-drawn vehicles Derrick Henry Titans Jersey , more than 10 tonnes of Wuzhu bronze coins together with thousands of other gold, bronze and iron items, unearthed along with jade articles, wood tablets and bamboo slips.

The excavation began in 2011. The next stage of the archeological work will be to look for items locked in the coffin of the central mausoleum.

Our body is just like machine which Jack Conklin Titans Jersey , time to time, requires its treatment. And our well-wishers are laboriously working to fulfill its need. However, there have come a number of health medicines prescribed by specific doctors working in different field such as Endocrinology, Geriatrist and Gynecology. Here Jonnu Smith Titans Jersey , in this article, we are concerned with the above named health providers and will alternatively torchlight on each. First concentrate on what the Endocrinologist is.

We consciously know that there are numberless reasons for our ill-health. So if there are so many reasons there are so many reasons for the doctors also. Endocrinologist as its title suggests is a medical practitioner deals with the endocrine system. Endocrinology sufficiently a branch of medicine is believed to be involved with the specific secretions called hormones. It stresses on the integration of developmental events such as proliferation, growth, and differentiation including histogenesis and organogenesis. Endocrinology is also supposed to be the coordination of metabolism Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey , reproduction, movement, respiration, excretion Adoree' Jackson Titans Jersey , and sensory perception depend on chemical cues, substances synthesized and secreted by specialized cells. Turing to Endocrinologist, he is a doctor who specializes in treating disorders of the endocrine system, such as diabetes Corey Davis Titans Jersey , hyperthyroidism, and many others. He intellectually includes a wide evolution of various symptoms of disease. He deals with a long term management deficiency or excess of one or more hormones.

Geriatricians are the physicians who pursue the study of geriatric and geriatric is the study of medicine pertaining to the elderly person. Geriatric is a branch of medical specialty relating to the healthcare of the person who ages mere than 65. The geriatricians are relatively found to be engaged in practicing geriatrics. They initially start their training as a family or the internist. They, a. Wholesale Cheap Baseball Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Nike NBA Jerseys Wholesale MLB Baseball Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap College Football Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Cheap College Hockey Jerseys
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